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Saint-Emilion Grand Cru Grand Cru Classé

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Château Grand Corbin
  • Château Grand Corbin
  • Château Grand Corbin
  • Château Grand Corbin
  • Château Grand Corbin
  • Château Grand Corbin

Château Grand-Corbin is located in Saint-Emilion in the north-west of the appellation, next to Pomerol. The vineyard covers 37 hectares in a single block. The property is proud to belong to the Saint-Emilion classification as a Grand Cru Classé.

The property is situated on a silica soil on blue clay beds where the three grape varieties of Saint-Emilion, Merlot (generally around 70 to 80% in the blend), Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon, flourish. Thanks to the know-how of an experienced team, the latest vintages confirm the progress made, both in the vineyard and in the cellar.

Recently opened to visits and tastings, our aim is to offer a unique experience in all intimacy, an interlude conducive to beautiful emotions and to sharing this place which is much more than a wine estate. Push the doors of the estate and discover the world of Grand Corbin, you will be immersed in the history of the estate, its vineyards and its exceptional terroir. From the vines to the cellars and the vat room, you will discover the scope and complexity of the work of the men and women at the Château. A fun but comprehensive tasting will allow you to appreciate and understand the know-how of the technical teams.

Today, the estate is working hard to create a modern, intimate and unusual wine tourism offer. Whether you are an informed wine taster, a curious wine lover or a lover of flavours, there is something for everyone. Initiation to wine tasting, awareness of the different grape varieties, wine and chocolate pairing or with an aperitif board, our goal is to offer you a memorable experience.

Many events are organised during the summer (follow us on our networks)


Types of visit :

- "Discovery"

A guided tour and tasting is a great way to understand the complex, year-long work involved in producing a Grand Cru Classé wine. Come and discover Château Grand Corbin from the vineyards to the cellar with this 1 hour visit. You will learn about the estate and its history, an explanation of our terroir and tour of the technical facilities. We will finish the tour with a tasting of two wines second and first label of the winery, held in the garden if weather permits.

Price : 18€ - 1hr


- "Three wines"

In addition to the tour of the technical facilities, we offer a more comprehensive tasting of 3 wines, including 2 vintages of the Grand Cru Classé.


Price: €24/person - 1 hour


- "The Two Bank of Bordeaux"

Immerse yourself in the world of wine and the secrets of the magical transformation of grapes. With this tour you will discover the specific properties and differences of both the Right Bank and Left Bank Terroirs of Bordeaux. Explore our 2 estates, Château Grand Corbin and Château Cantemerle of Haut Médoc (5th Grand Cru Classé), discover their unique terroirs and vineyard environments. This 1h30 visit will include a tasting of 4 specially selected wines from both châteaux, to allow you to appreciate the character of each of them.

Price : 28€/person - 1hr30


- "Wine and chocolate pairing"

To complement the "Two Bank" tasting, we'll be offering a superb wine and chocolate pairing for those with a sweet tooth! Chocolates from 4 different origins in perfect harmony with the 4 wines tasted. Chocolaterie de Saint-Emilion, made by the talented Maëlig.


Price: €32/person - 1h30


- "Gourmet"

Extend your ‘Two Banks’ tasting with a delicious platter of cheeses, charcuterie from local producers.

Price : 36€/person  - 2hrs


The Private Table

The Private Table of Grand Corbin is available for those wishing to experience the finest pairings of wines and seasonal cuisine.


  • Price of the visit (for individuals): 18€/person
  • Montant tarif minimum vin à la bouteille: 35


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