the night of the stars

the night of the stars

In partnership with Cap Sciences and the Association Astronomique Véga de la Lyre

For its third consecutive year, Saint-Denis-de-pile organizes its now traditional Etoile Night. Observations, animations, projections, immersive experiences… an appointment is given in Boma Park for a trip to the edge of the universe! 


6 pm - Screening of the film "First Contact" by Denis Villeneuve - Espace Albert Camus

When mysterious spaceships from deep space appear everywhere on Earth, a team of experts is assembled under the guidance of linguist Louise Banks to try to understand their intentions.

Faced with the enigma of their presence and mysterious messages, the reactions in the world are extreme and humanity soon finds itself on the verge of an absolute war. 

From 12 years/ Registration recommended at 05 57 55 19 45.


From 14h - Virtual reality and sun observation

Installation and docking of a telescope: interactive presentation - in the park
Observation of the suns in a H alpha filtration helioscope: will we see solar spots, eruptions or filaments? In the sun to decide - in the park
Immersive experiences with our VR headsets: an animation dedicated to those who dream of going into space - in the media library - from 12 years


From 8pm - Ateliers Cap Sciences

Satellite kit: A satellite in pieces must be assembled correctly before being put into orbit: it is up to you to join the team of engineers to accomplish this mission. 12 people every 30 minutes
Water rocket: Come launch a rocket and discover the principles of action reaction - gauge 15 people every 20 minutes
Spationaute training: before going into space you have to prepare… come and experience this intensive training! - 12 people every 20 minutes

From 21h00 to 0h30 by the association Astronomique Véga de la Lyre: Bring a blanket!

This year we invite you to a space dedicated to observation, lying in the park, with your cover: a star-spotter will point out the constellations for a discovery of the celestial vault. 
At night in our two telescopes, towards infinity: colored doubles, planetary nebulae, globular and galactic clusters… A whole program to observe in real life.

Subject to favourable weather conditions.

22h30 - Interactive projection "Survival on the moon" by Cap Sciences: 

Sent into space, a crew of astronauts was forced to land 50 km from its lunar base. The crew is safe, but must survive the long march to the base. Comes to help him choose the necessary equipment! (30 people gauge – 45 minutes participatory conference)

Meteorite investigation: 5 rocks were found, it is certain that some of them are meteorites, but which ones? 5 teams are formed to investigate the origin of each rock using scientific methods. (15 people - 30 minutes)


Reservation on 05 57 55 19 45


On 24 July from 2pm 

Parc à Boma
1, route de Guîtres
33910 Saint Denis de Pile

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