Fête du Fagnard

Fête du Fagnard

As every year, this event marks the return of traders. During these two days, the Fagnard festival organized by Coutras Action offers varied activities and allows you to spend a friendly moment in the heart of a bucolic site.

Programme of the Fête du Fagnard:

Saturday and Sunday:

From 6:30 am: garage sale
From 12h: Gourmet market and refreshment bar

12h: Wine of honor offered by Coutras Action
12h-13h30: Florian Ser, French variety
20h30: Cabaret evening with Spirit Show: «Carnavaleira»

12h: Show with the transforming singer Éric Nadeau


free admission


Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 August

Le Fagnard
33230 Coutras

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