Outdoor screening

Outdoor screening

Just before the start of the school year, enjoy a movie under the stars at Lac des Nauves.

World success of the box office, it is the film «Barbie» that is proposed to you this year after being selected by the Municipal Council of Youth.

A quest for the truth

Parallel to the real world, there is Barbie Land, a perfect world where Barbie dolls live happily, persuaded to have made all human girls happy.

But one day, a Barbie starts to wonder. She then sets out to discover the real world, accompanied in her quest, despite herself, by a madly in love Ken. The journey will not take place without twists and turns.

To be well installed, do not hesitate to bring your seats, deckchairs or blankets

Adventure, comedy, family (duration 1h55) – 2023


free admission


Saturday, August 31 – 9pm

Lac des Nauves
33230 Coutras

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