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Exhibition Paintings and Sculptures


Galerie du Caveau - Union des Producteurs de Saint-Emilion
Haut Gravet– BP 27 - 33330 SAINT-EMILION

05 57 24 70 71




Isabel Ollange and Michel Alalinarde
From September the 1st till October 31st, 2018
Free entrance from monday to saturday
Till September 15th : 9:00 AM-7:00 PM
From September 16th : 9AM-12:30 PM / 1:30 PM - 6:00PM

Inauguration of the exhibition on Tuesday, September the 11th from 7:00 PM at the Galerie du Caveau. 

About the exhibition

Isabel, who has gained her experience with Gabriel Fontaine, whose fame is international, proposes an abstract and rich paint that she does with a knife and/or a brush. In search of vibrations, contrasts, lights and effects of matter, she uses diverse mediums to create reliefs. The abstract leads her to the escape of the real world.

Michel, as for him, uses iron and steel, sometimes wood and other rough materials for his creations. His representations are mainly animal or human but he can surprise in other registers also. He hammers the forge, welds and sands, letting the imagination run freely while respecting its subject, so often livened up by its frenzies. He draws the happiness of the creation there.





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