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Conference - History and Archaeology Society of Saint-Émilion


Salle Gothique - 15 rue Guadet


On January 10th, 2019 at 7:30 pm, the History and Archaeology Society of Saint-Émilion invites you to a conference with M. Philippe Chassaigne in the Salle Gothique de Saint-Emilion.

Professor of contemporary History at the University of Bordeaux-Montaigne, M. Chassaigne is recognized as specialist of Great Britain.

His works on the subject have a recognized authority : " England History " twice republished and in 2017 "Queen Victoria ". 

He will come to present us a major character of the history of this country, which inspired a successful television series, The Tudors. Henry VIII was one of the most striking kings of the English history. We know of course his tempestuous private life (its six marriages inspired Perrault for his tale "The Blue Beard") or the schism of 1534 with Rome and the passage to the Protestantism. But Henry VIII was also a warrior, with expeditions in the Scotland or in France. On the political level, his ambitions towards an absolute power were able to be done because of its impecuniousness and of its religious policy, who obliged him to lean on a Parliament of which he would otherwise easily have got out. Especially, he was a real prince of the Renaissance, a lover of the arts and the letters, liking the splendor, keen on theology or music.


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