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Conference "Toponymy and anthroponymy"


On Thursday, December the 7th at 7:30 pm, the Society of History and Archaeology of Saint-Émilion invites you to a conference of Sir Jean RIGOUSTE in the Salle Gothique in Saint-Emilion.

Teacher who has passed aggregation of Classical literature and Master of historic geography, our speaker taught in the University of Bordeaux III and IUFM of Aquitaine.

Specialist of onomastics, the science of the proper nouns of places and people, he will present us " A panorama on the toponymy and the anthroponymy with a focus on the names of châteaux of Saint-Emilion".

Free admission

Following the conference, a cocktail reception will take place, opened to all, on reservation.
Reservation required for the cocktail, on MONDAY, DECEMBER 4TH AT THE LATEST, by specifying the number of participants with: Catherine VAUTHIER - +33 (0)5 57 74 42 66
To share this moment, a 8€ participation per person will be asked for the members of the association and 10€ for the non-members.

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