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Colloquium "Commémoration of the 1st World War"


On Saturday, November 18th, will be held the colloquium on the theme of the "Commemoration of the 1st World War " in the Salle Gothique of Saint-Emilion. This day of conferences and exchanges is organized by the Commission of Centenarian and the City Hall of Saint-Emilion.

Program : 

10:00 am : Welcoming

10:30 am: Jean-Yves LE NAOUR Docteur in history, specialist of the Great War " on 1917, a revolutionary Year! "

2:30 pm: Hélène HARTER Professeur in the university of Rennes 2, Specialist of the History of the United States " The United States in the Great War "

4:00 pm: Alya AGLAN Professeur in the university of Paris 1, Specialist in contemporary History " The Women in the World War I "

4:30 pm: Conclusion



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