Le Salon d'Automne

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Le Salon d'Automne


From the 30th September until the 15th October the Salle des Dominicains will be holding the Autumn Salon, an exposition of paintings, drawings and sculptures open to the public between 10am and 6pm. 


The 4th edition of the Autumn Salon in Saint-Emilion, organized by the associations: "La Promenade des Arts" and 2,3 and 7ème Arts " will bring together 19 artists.


Will be present:

1 artist very attached to the architectural heritage of Bordeaux.

4 sculptors, the first sculpts metal with humor, derision and poetry. The second gives meaning to the forms of life. The third, magnifies the animal world with tenderness. The fourth, sculpts the earth.

14 painters, regional paintings, purified, contemporary, abstract, figurative, imaginary, bichromatic and minimalist. All tend towards harmony, dream, serenity, respect, life ... Their aim: to reach the work of self.

Many have been awarded prizes at national or international fairs.