Exhibition « Joan Miró : entre Âge de pierre et Enfance »

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Exposition « Joan Miró : entre Âge de pierre et Enfance »

An exhibition for the 40th anniversary of the parisian Pompidou Center!


The Center Pompidou celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2017 throughout France. To share this celebration with the widest audience, it offers a unique program of exhibitions, exceptional loans, events and events throughout the year.


Exhibitions, shows, concerts, conferences and meetings are presented in 40 French cities, in partnership with a museum, a contemporary art center, a festival or an actor of the French cultural and artistic fabric.


At the crossroads of disciplines, like the Center Pompidou, these projects testify to its commitment since its creation alongside cultural institutions in the regions, essential players in the dissemination and enhancement of the art of our time.


The Musée des Beaux-Arts in Libourne has benefited from the exceptional loan of 25 drawings of Juan Miro belonging to the collection of the National Museum of Modern Art, medium and large sizes, very rarely shown because of their fragility.


The Libourne exhibition wants to convince visitors that the "Catalan international" has indeed been one of the most thoughtful and inventive artists of the 20th century.


The drawings assembled have the ambition to show that the artist has at the same time largely and voluntarily borrowed from the compositions and the graphic gestures childish and taken freely and with an insatiable appetite to any form created of human hand during the prehistory. We would like to emphasize how the poetic language of Miró was born from a crossed exchange of childhood and prehistory.


Tired of the wacky codes of academic realism, Miró seeks, in childhood, the naivety of a graphic gesture - which no convention transmitted by education and more generally culture would have pre-stressed - but even more its propensity Distortion and deformity. By projecting itself parallel in the prehistoric times, it is an equivalent force of rupture that the artist, overwhelmed by the aesthetic capacity of our ancestors, seeks to extract from the return to the origins. He thus undertakes a journey of the "primitive" through unlearning and oblivion.