Châteaux of the day

Châteaux of the day

03 January 2018

You do not need to look for a château, those chateaux welcome you !

Please ask for an appointement before going to the chateau.


  • Château Gaillard

    Château Gaillard

    Saint-Emilion Grand Cru
    Ecolabel européen
    Phone 44°52’3’’N 0°7’23’’W // 44.868 -0.124 08h-12h30 /13h30-17h00 Cost of tour and tasting from 0.00€ SCEA Vignobles J.J Nouvel - Château Gaillard - 33330 SAINT-HIPPOLYTE
  • Château Guadet

    Château Guadet

    Saint-Emilion Grand Cru Classé
    Ecolabel européen
    Phone 05 57 74 40 04 44.895259, -0.155292 by appointment Cost of tour and tasting from 15 € SAINT-EMILION
Do not throw on the public highway.