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L'Ile de Ré



ILE DE RE – a jewel in the Atlantic…


delight in the diversity of landscapes to explore


Experience its marine or verdant panoramas


Moors, dunes, undergrowth, long and clear fine sandy beaches, marshlands, vineyards, bird reserve in humid environment, rocks and strongholds, pasturelands, lanes housing the wonders of a jealously guarded small heritage, Île de Ré will charm and capture you.


The rich historic fortified buildings and small fortresses set in the heart of preserved nature will attract both walkers and bike riders…


Ré can be appreciated near the foreshore, between the sky and ocean, at the end of a cycle path and close to an oyster-farming hut, thus combining the regular murmur waves with the salty taste of seafood.  


Ile de Ré Tourism

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