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Brunet Gate and the remparts


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The Brunet Gate


Saint Emilion's ramparts were commissioned by England in the 12th century to protect prosperous Saint-Emilion's village.

This fortification wall can also be considered as a ceremonial wall, prestige whose the first purpose would have been to show the power of the village more than to protect him. In any case that it should be requiered to pay a fee to enter in the intramural town, representinga new source of wealth.


The people began by digging themselves around the village deep ditches. With the extracted stones, they built a wall covering over 18 hectares and current about 1.5 km around the village. This wall was flanked by six doors and small defensive towers, a covered was linked the doors between them.


We found in the North, the Bourgeois door; in the East, the door Brunet ; in the West, the doors of the Canons and of Martin; in the South, the door Bouquère or Bocquère and the door Sainte-Marie.


These other doors, expect the Brunet door, thus a majority of the old fortifications were destroyed during the religion wars in the 16th and again in the 19th century with the drilling of the Guadet street and the desire to open the city to modern circulation.


The door Brunet, pullingits name of the Gascon " Branet " meaning moorland, heather, clearing, this door opened on the campaign. In the long  length of 9.50meters and a width of 3.90 meters, we can see between the two arcs a bludgeon with which the defendants threw stones and boiling water on the attackers. The sides were enlarged in the 17th century that the carts could cross it. The passage was closed with wooden doors on hinges still visible today.


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