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Exposition Comédies Humaines


La Maison Galerie
83, rue Thiers - 33500 Libourne

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Opening of the exhibition "Comédies Humaines"

at the Maison Galerie Laurence Pustetto !


The new exhibition of the Maison Galerie Laurence Pustetto, entitled Comédies Humaines, will be presented from 18th of September to 30th of October 2021 in Libourne.

The Maison Galerie Laurence Pustetto is an art gallery, opened in early 2020, which has been able, despite the uncertain times and successive confinements, to present exhibitions: "Quatuor", "Arte Factus, l'art et le faire" in 2020 and more recently "Indigo" and "21 grams". These were received with interest by the press and the public.

Laurence Pustetto, the founder, passionate about art and a collector, is able to present and defend great artists, both established and up-and-coming, through an intimate and thoughtful staging, sublimated in everyday living spaces.

Comédies Humaines, by Laurence Pustetto:

"After a year of announcements, rumours, television and radio stagings, and dramaturgies, whether skilfully orchestrated or undergone, the "Comédies Humaines" exhibition seemed an obvious choice. It brings together 5 artists who take a visionary look at our human comedies, sometimes dramatic, pathetic, ordinary, fantasized or real! These artists also tell us about our desire to escape from them through performance, a kind of catharsis of our condition.

Marc Petit delivers his Danse Macabre from the Divine Comedy with its characters of power in disarray, who seem tired of playing, alone, already dead in their souls, disembodied silhouettes, caught in their own trap.

Lucie Geffré's characters hide endlessly, from us, from themselves, behind a mask of absent presence, looking inward. They don't give themselves away. They pose. Even when languid, they do not abandon themselves. Everything is mastery, false abandonment. That is why they disturb us, that is why Lucie leaves gaps, unfilled places.

Véronique Pastor's phantasmagorias literally blur our roles, our places in the moribund dreams of communion with nature that she presents. Her characters seem wounded, they don't even play anymore.

In his Petit théâtre du Monde, Jérôme Gelés, using recycled materials and objects diverted from everyday life, builds animated rafts of the world,
builds animated rafts of our theatres of war, pollution, exploitation, abandonment of ourselves and paradoxically of discovery. Since he became a visual artist, this young artist has never ceased to show us our obscurantism, our global wars, our profound cruelty. Yet it is beautiful, poetic and that is also what is so disturbing.

Guillaume Couffignal proposes spaces of play, of wandering where one can choose to exist or to get lost. His barely sketched bronze theatres, his staircases that lead to the void, everything is there to suggest that we inhabit these scenes of all our dreams.

Art is a skilful stratagem, a skilful staging to lead us to our realities, unvarnished, beautiful and monstrous, fascinating and repulsive. I've said it before, but that's why I love artists who transcend reality, alert us, open our eyes or close them. Magicians of our human comedies, this is our fantastic condition, that of creation, because we are infinitely alive and free, thanks to them."


Friday 17th of September
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