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Halloween Party au Village du Livre


Village du Livre - Lieu-dit Laubardemont
Route de Coutras - Route de Coutras - 33910 SABLONS



This October, 31st from 10:00am to 6:00pm, the Village du Livre invites you to live Halloween in its haunted walls! 

The kind inhabitants of the Village will resume their original form: imps, vampires, undeads. Children, do not trust appearances, forget the idea of a disguise or a suit which the kind souls would have put to deceive you ! You will discover their real identity. But take time to dress up yourself horribly beautiful. Come disguise and invade the Village. 

Alone or with family, from 3 to 99 years old, come to take advantage of activities as frightening as funny; colouring pumpkins and make-up booth for the youngest; frightening games for the most courageous.

The Village du Livre invites you to find the solution for the riddles of its 1st cluedo. Discover the treasure hunt in search of clues o unmask the culprit of the murder committed within the building. 
Then, come to measure the malefic paths of the various rooms not to remain trapped as these poor councillors held prisoners of these walls. The Village du Livre launches its first ESCAPE GAME ! 
In 1 hour, will you manage to handle this rise of stress that will make you shiver ? Finally, your sight will be requested, leave in search of bat hidden among thousands of treasures and curiosities of the Village. Fortunately some candies and the earning of a book will bring some sweetness in this wild race.

The Restaurant of Horror will also welcome you for a lunch or a snack. Taste the hideous chocolate spiders, the bloody fingers and the other disgusting dishes which will give you gooseflesh.


Entrance : 8 € - Free until 14 years old

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